Hope TV

HopeTV (link: https://www.facebook.com/jcicebuhopetv) is an online live tv talk show that aims to bring awareness about Mental Health issues in our society. It discusses mental health struggles and seeks to find solutions so HopeTV can shed light on these issues. 
HopeTV seeks to fulfill the following aims:
● Provide a safe and open online community avenue for people to openly discuss sensitive issues about their mental health; and
● Create opportunities for free mental health consultations for people who need professional mental health diagnosis.
Hosted by JCI Member Daegie Montermoso with our resident mental health expert, Mr. Philipp Chen Tan. The program operates twice a month on Mondays featuring guests who can help provide meaningful experiences that can be shared. This is co-presented by Gestalt Wellness Institute, a mental health clinic, where our resident mental expert is a part of. 

The online community of HopeTV will be on Facebook, moderated by the hopeTV team. The team will answer questions in the community through our mental health expert. As such, these concerns will also be shared online anonymously to further reach more concerned individuals.

To professionally aid individuals with mental health issues, HopeTV is running a donation drive to defray expenses for consultations and diagnosis. 

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Bank Name: Eastwest
Account Number: 200045841463
Note: Please give us a copy of deposit slip through admin@jcicebu.org

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