One Million Bakhaw Project

The One Million Bakhaw Project is a mangrove-planting initiative by JCI Cebu Inc. in collaboration with different local government units within the Province of Cebu, wherein, we plant mangrove seedlings in the coastal areas. The implementation of this project was officially started back in 2021. 

Our goal is to plant a million or more mangrove seedlings all around the province through the years. This project is being implemented to help and promote our environmental health. Also,  it will remind and educate our local Cebuanos and people around the world of the importance of a healthy ecosystem. 

Mangroves are good filters to keep the water cleaner not only for us, but also for the fauna and flora. This will also benefit the locals as these areas will serve as a haven of fishes and other marine life ensuring a steady supply of resources. Also, with this booming ecosystem, many tourists will be enticed to visit the mangrove areas if local government units will promote these as part of their attraction boosting the local economy in return.

Keeping our environment healthy does not only benefit us, but also benefits the generations to come. That’s why we, in JCI Cebu Inc., took this initiative of planting mangrove seedlings as one of our goals to promote a cleaner and greener place for us to live in.


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