Author: Fernan Salibongcogon

JCI Cebu Website: One-stop Source of Collaboration

As an organization of volunteers, we are accountable to our stakeholders. From our sponsors to our beneficiaries, receipt of our engagement is a way of life. More than publicity, we strive to promote our campaign and projects to gather more support and create more impact. This is the essence of volunteerism – to mobilize more people in our community for a cause.

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The Street of the Future

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES – The country’s longest street art in A. Soriano Avenue has tantalized the eyes of Cebuanos as it unravels its true colors. Expertly crafted by the talented artists of the Creative Alliance of Multimedia and Visual Arts Students (CAMVAS) of Cebu Institute of Technology – University (CIT-U), the sprawling art is an initiative part of JCI Cebu’s Street Art District Project in partnership with Converge ICT Solutions.

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