Hope TV episode 2 celebrates Pride Month entitled “Out & Proud,” featuring proud members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Hope TV is a live talk show in facebook that aims to bring awareness about Mental Health issues in our local community.

The episode’s guests were Alem Garcia and Janice Marsada. They shared their experiences and struggles during the talk show. 

“Thank you so much JCI Cebu Inc for having me as one of your guests for Hope TV. Indeed, more avenues must be made to spark more conversations about the LGBTQIA+ movement,” says Alem Garcia in her facebook post. 

Hope TV was relaunched last May 30, 2022 during the Mental Health Awareness month, featuring a frontliner’s story. 

The talk show is hosted by Daegie Montermoso and participated by a mental health expert, Philipp Chen Tan. 

The talk show is co-presented by Gestalt Wellness Institute and the venue partner for Episode 2 of Hope TV is Smartsourcing.

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