JCI Cebu and JCI Metro Cebu Uptown Unite for a Brotherhood Badminton Match

The JCI Cebu and JCI Metro Cebu Uptown recently held a “Brotherhood Badminton Match” at Casino Español last February 21, 2023.

The event featured an exciting display of skills and sportsmanship as the gentlemen of JCI Cebu and JCI Metro Cebu Uptown battled it out on the badminton court. Flashes of magic shots and quick kills on the net were made as the players exchanged smashes and turns.

Despite the competition, the players maintained a friendly and respectful demeanor towards each other. Both teams built momentum as they fought to outshine the other, but ultimately ended the match with a sense of friendship and a desire for friendly collaboration.

The Badminton game was organized by JCI Cebu and JCI Metro Cebu Uptown as a way to promote sportsmanship and camaraderie among their members. The game was the first of many events planned for the year, and both organizations are looking forward to more opportunities to strengthen their partnership.

JCI Cebu and JCI Metro Cebu Uptown are Cebu-based non-profit organizations that aim to develop young leaders through community service and personal growth opportunities. They are part of the Junior Chamber International, a global network of young active citizens who are creating positive change in their communities.

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