JCI Cebu Inc organized its first ever Cultural Heritage Walk with Mr John Guaren from the Cultural and Historical Affairs Office in Cebu City as their tour guide.

The walk started in Magellan’s Cross highlighting the importance of the founding of Christianity in Cebu City and ending at the Cebu Heritage Monument built during Mayor Alvin Garcia’s term to encapsulate the Cebu City culture.

Cathedral Museum, Jesuit House and the Yap-Sandiego House were also visited during the Cultural Heritage Walk.

“The tour was very informative and an eye-opener to us about the possible practices that Cebuanos could have preserved,” says Mark Anthony Abellana, Executive Vice-President Internal for JCI Cebu Inc.

The Cultural Heritage Walk was organized to ground members of JCI Cebu Inc on the rich culture and heritage of Cebu City. A primer project in preparation for JCI Cebu’s 74th Anniversary Celebration called Sulog in Casa Gorordo on June 16, 2022.

“The walk can be part of the series of activities for JCI Cebu aspirants. It will help them give an overview of the history and culture of Cebu,” says Alvin Baclay, one of the aspirants for JCI Cebu Inc.

The walk was organized by JCI Cebu’s Organizational Development team headed by Vice President Philipp Chen Tan, hoping that this would be a yearly activity to be continued by the next board of directors.

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