JCI Cebu Fosters Cross-Chapter Relations at the Casa Gorordo Museum

Cebu City, Philippines – In a remarkable display of hospitality and commitment to cultural preservation and exchange, Casa Gorordo Museum opened its doors to JCI Cebu and its international sister chapters, namely: JCI Tanjung Aru, JCI Sibu, and JCI Sangju, for an unforgettable museum tour and a delightful welcome dinner on June 15, 2023. This event, which took place as part of JCI Cebu’s 75th Anniversary Week Celebration, left the brothers and special guests grateful and thrilled, promising a lasting impact on their JCI journey.

Casa Gorordo Museum, nestled in the heart of Cebu City, is renowned for its dedication to preserving the cultural heritage of Cebu. The museum’s warm hospitality and unwavering support for fostering cultural exchange and understanding impressed the visiting delegates, who couldn’t express enough gratitude for the incredible experience they had.

Photos by Glenn Java

The museum tour was a journey through time, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the vibrant history of Cebu. Every artifact and exhibit spoke volumes about the lives of our ancestors, offering a glimpse into the rich legacy of Cebuano people. The attention to detail and passion exhibited by the museum’s staff and volunteers were recognized and praised by all, as their commitment to preserving history shone through at every turn.

The welcome dinner, held within the charming ambiance of Casa Gorordo Museum, became a memorable gathering that celebrated the spirit of international collaboration and friendship. Representatives from JCI Tanjung Aru, JCI Sibu, JCI Sangju, have joined JCI Cebu to forge new bonds and strengthen the global network of Junior Chamber International. Laughter and cultural exchange filled the air, further solidifying the connections formed during the night show.

Members of JCI Cebu expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Casa Gorordo Museum and its volunteers for their role in making this experience exceptional. They recognized the museum’s contribution to preserving and promoting cultural heritage, acknowledging that Casa Gorordo Museum goes beyond being a museum; it is a gateway to understanding and appreciating the shared history that linked us from the past.

Photos by Glenn Java

As the event concluded, cherished memories were created, and new friendships were formed. The participants left Casa Gorordo Museum with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to cultural preservation and international collaboration. This encounter serves as a reminder of the power of cultural exchange and the importance of building bridges that transcend borders.

Casa Gorordo Museum, JCI Tanjung Aru, JCI Sibu, JCI Sangju, and JCI Cebu stand as shining examples of organizations dedicated to preserving cultural heritage and fostering international understanding. Their efforts contribute to a more interconnected and culturally enriched world.

Mabuhay to Casa Gorordo Museum and the international sister chapters of JCI Cebu – may the spirit of international collaboration continue to thrive, creating a brighter future for all.

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