JCI Cebu Snatches Gold, Ends Decade of Title Drought

JCI Cebu member Daegie Montermoso emerges victorious among 5 competitors after winning the historic gold that the chapter pursued for 12 long years in the area conference.

In sum, the stories of regret and forgotten tears were now buried after the chapter’s unexpected delegate turned out to be the successor of their rich Public Speaking legacy.

Cebu was known as a powerhouse of exemplary public speakers from the all time favorite 2009 World Champion Joemarie Benedicto to the acclaimed 2010 Areacon Champion, PP Bethuel Tanupan.

The delegates after PP Tanupan falls short to either silver or bronze for 12 long years straight and ending the despicable cycle made Montermoso’s win one for the books.

Last September 3, 2022 (Saturday), Montermoso showcased his undeniable talent in the 2022 Area Public Speaking Competition held at 2/F Lucas Wharf Restaurant & Bar Event Hall.

With the topic, “JCI members in the midst of the pandemic: giving emphasis on entrepreneurial development – communities, individuals, and governments” the 5 contenders battle with their critical minds to express creative and captivating ideas on the aforementioned.

The competition turned into a fiasco as two of the competitors were disqualified or forfeited due to unlikely reasons of undertimed speech and late arrival in the contest proper.

Truly, a lost opportunity for the two contenders, yet a divine intervention for the remaining three who were determined to vie for the title as numbers who were racing to top eventually dwindled.

The time in between the competition and awarding ceremony left the three petrified yet hopeful for a future of granted prayers.

Fortunately, it was now time for JCI Cebu’s prayer to be answered as Montermoso was hailed as champion, leaving Paul Timothy Yap of JCI Mandaue to settle for the first runner up.

When he was declared as champion, a chorus of cheers and affirmations greeted Montermoso as he marched towards the stage last September 3, 2022 in the 42nd Quadro Awards at Samar State University Gymnasium.

Now that JCI Cebu has claimed its throne in the area public speaking arena, will Montermoso continue to deliver the unexpected win or will settle for what’s less in forthcoming national public speaking competition?

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