JCI Cebu Website: One-stop Source of Collaboration

As an organization of volunteers, we are accountable to our stakeholders. From our sponsors to our beneficiaries, receipt of our engagement is a way of life. More than publicity, we strive to promote our campaign and projects to gather more support and create more impact. This is the essence of volunteerism – to mobilize more people in our community for a cause.

In line with JCI Cebu’s vision and mission, JCI Cebu has set up its website aimed to be a one-stop source of the latest updates from the organization. Other than getting general information about the organization, our stakeholders can browse our projects and subscribe to our Event Calendars and Newsletters. These features can be synced and integrated to our computer and mobile device applications that we are already familiar with. The website also centralizes some processes like Membership.

Our website is an instrument to reframe soft skills and foster the skills of the future. This is our way to demonstrate that technology is only a tool. With global problems getting more complicated and affect our day-to-day lives, being responsive becomes a requirement. In fact, majority of our members want to master time management, productivity, collaboration, communication, and management. These power skills are among the most popular 21st-century skills that can never be replaced by technology in responding to complex problems.

Are you a stakeholder of JCI Cebu? Check out the website now and make sure to subscribe to its features. Together, we proactively change the way we volunteer.

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