Morning Brews: Diving into the World of Coffee

JCI Cebu’s Business Team organized Morning Brews on July 2, 2022 at Qube Gallery with the theme about the coffee industry in the Philippines.

Morning Brews is an initiative to inspire and engage young professionals to immerse themselves in a certain industry, all done over breakfast in a casual setting.

The speaker during the session was a fellow JCI brother, Ariestelo Asilo. He is a coffee expert from Lipa, Batangas and a proud UN small business awardee for the Philippines and the TOYM (The Outstanding Young Men) awardee for 2021.

He then talked about the Philippines’ direction for coffee farming, current practices, and even the future. Also discussed was the process behind Mr. Aries’ brand of Barako coffee blends with an assortment of flavors in a convenient drip bag.

Attendees were excited to learn all about the industry as well as the varying types of beans grown in the mountain province – Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Exelsa. Mr. Asilo’s expertise is with Liberica – more commonly known as Barako.

Cebu is tagged as a coffee hub where coffee farming can continue to thrive to further maximize the Philippines’ potential as a coffee country. The latest exciting new initiative for the farmers now gives them access to technology (Internet of Things) to track everything needed so they can address any problem with just one look at the dashboard!

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