JCI Cebu brothers joined the recent Spartan Race Cebu for the Sprint and Super Category.

Joining the 2022 Spartan Race was led by JCI Cebu member and spartan athlete Nel Luceno, who introduced us to the sport by training in fitness camps and getting to know the community of spartans. By participating in sports and improving our health and mental fitness, the activities are good training grounds for us to serve the community better and inspire a community of enthusiasts.

JCI Cebu looks forward to joining future races and invite its members to improve and beat their personal best. More than a physical and mental fitness, this is a promotion of lifestyle change and a way of life we strive to achieve.

Our sports development program – Jayceelympics is an opportunity to serve the community and the youth through sports, it also encourages our brothers to join and share our athletic passions and build characters of sportsmanship, competitiveness, and a load of mental toughness to finish BIG.

Photo credits from: ph.spartan.com